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About Us

Crossbridge exists to connect extraordinary talent with opportunity. Cultivating an atmosphere of community, creativity and productivity to bring value to our clients.

We have directly acquired highly trained, creative and experienced personnel in the US and in Mexico.

Our same time zone, culture, and experience along with the effective cost make Mexico the best nearshore option for US companies.


What we offer


Work from the comfort of your home whenever you need it, and reach your full potential.

Flexible schedule

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl. We have flexible working hours so that you adapt the best way.


Taking a break from everything from time to time is important. Have fun and relax.

Paid Mexican Holidays

Mexican holidays will be always covered, don’t worry and viva Mexico.

Christmas bonus

All our employees receive Christmas bonus. That time of the year…

Medical Expenses Insurance

The well-being of our employees is essential for us, that’s why we offer you a medical expenses insurance.

Long-term contract

At Crossbridge we are interested in the talent to be part of our team for a long time.

No dress code

Crossbridge is the place where you can be yourself. Relaxed and casual work environment. You will enjoy being here.

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There are currently no vacancies.

Some Statistics



We only bring up the best quality candidates specific for your needs and project.



When it comes to the size of the organizations we work with – start-ups, mid-size and enterprises are all within our client base.



We have 3 locations in the top cities of Mexico and one in Southern California.

Our four pillars

Web Development


Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Software Development



Are you looking for a place to do your internship?

Crossbridge is the best place where you can learn from our experts and develop projects for real clients applying all your knowledge and acquiring new experiences.

Contact us now.

Flexible schedules
We offer flexible schedules for our interns so they can study and work with any inconvenience.
Real projects
Our interns work with real projects to develop their full potential and work on their skills.
Tech & creativity
Here at Crossbridge, technology, and creativity work together. Our interns achieve amazing results with this combo.

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